Introduction to Theology (THEO110)


Course Memo

In this course, students will be introduced to the loci (distinct doctrines and themes) of_x000D_ Christian systematic theology. These loci include the doctrine of God, with particular_x000D_ reference to the themes of creation and fall, and the doctrines of Christ and the Holy_x000D_ Spirit, with particular reference to the themes of salvation and the life of the church. The_x000D_ course will also aim at showing students how these loci interact with each other – i.e.,_x000D_ how they form a system of thought that lays the foundation for the teaching and praxis of_x000D_ the church. In short, the course aims at: studying doctrinal loci in relation to their biblical_x000D_ foundations and historical debates; showing modern perspectives in relation to the_x000D_ plurality of voices in the Christian church; examining how these doctrinal loci interact_x000D_ with each other; and reflecting on the practical meaning of these doctrines in the life of_x000D_ the modern church.